Hedi’s final colleges list

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-New York University
-Northeastern University



I consider applying to Phillips Academy’s PG year, as I attended their summer school last summer, and I really enjoyed it.


Should someone be a Boss or Leader ?

The answer is not that simple. That is why trying to give it an answer was the aim of our first initiative. Indeed in September 2015, we collaborated with a speech & debate group founded by some of our friends, called Bil:LGF,  to put in place an event allowing every guest to discuss with us about our question : “Boss or Leader ?”. Of course this question was only to trigger a long debate about leadership and different ways to success. We are glad to share with you this experience through the event’s video.

This conference was just the first out of many other project that we’ll be proud to share with you through this blog. So stay connected !

The conference’s video:

Should someone be a Boss or a Leader ?

“Hello, World!”

Hi everyone and welcome on our Blog.

Here, you’ll be able to follow all the initiatives and actions undertaken by our group assist to its growth, an be part of our tale.

Why did you create this blog ?

The principal aim of this blog is to create a community of people just like us, who have big dreams and wishes to go further ! We are determined to

Who are you ?

We are Hedi CHANOUFI and Malek AMIRI, two Tunisian guys who want to share their ideas and passions with YOU. We are currently Senior High School students, and are planning to integrate American universities next year. You’ll learn to know us in the next few days…

Projects ? What projects ?

We have a variety of dreams and projects in mind, from college search, Sat prep, and essays writing, to the organisation of conferences, volunteering, or crazy experiences, you will be